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Airborne AIS

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AIS’s full name is Automatic Identification System. In accordance with IMO requirements all SOLAS ships in international traffic above 300 gross tons must have Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) installed onboard. It is the joint achievement in research of IMO, IALA, ITU in recent years. AIS systems provide authorities with valuable information about routes, cargo and the ship itself. It is a major task for police, customs, military, search & rescue centres and coastal and harbour authorities to monitor traffic in their territorial waters. Fortunately, AIS can increase the situational awareness, the efficiency, the safety and decrease the workload for those authorities tasked with monitoring and controlling coastal and offshore waterways.

The AIS system contains information acquisition and processing, radio data transmission and electronic chart information system. It use SOTDMA technic to divide time into “time-frame” and divide each "time-frame" to several time slot. Each station will choose free time slot automaticly and sending related informationg with VHF sending machine. All ships or stations which installed the AIS systems will show the informations on the display after receiving them and sending safety informations as the requirements. It is the bridge of informations between ship and ship, ship and station. And it is also the important part of ship traffic control. The primary function is to avoid the crash of ships, improve water carriage traffic safety, and offer ship navigation informations to the water carriage management to make harbor frontage management easy.

AWAIS-1 system is made up of AIS host computer and MKD display unit.
AIS host computer supply internet monitor, user's information acquisition, information broadcasting, vessel safety monitor, ship navigation information collection, internet user's information put on the PC or MKD, shore dictate response.
MKD display unit supply internet user's static and voyage related data, and also supply sending and receiving short message (thi Chinese short message ), AIS host computer data enactment, electronic chart.

The characteristics of AWAIS-1:
1.According with AIS Class-A shipboard equipment standard, and supporting all AIS functions.
2. Working and linking with AIS cordless network independently after charging. Artificial interfering is needless.
3.Providing multi-plexing RS422 serial which accorded with NMEA-0183 standard and is compatible with different kinds of shipboard sensors.
4.Using 18~28VDC to supply power and is compatible with most shipboard 5. The maximal instantaneous power is less than 40W, and the average watt loss is no more than 2W.
5.Compact casting mould casing is used on the principal machine which is sealed well, have good thermolysis and can work in the foul marine environment for a long time.
6.The principal machine is light and easy to install and maintain.

Technical Parameters of AIS-1
VHF Parameters Operating frequency 156.025~162.025 MHz
 Channel spacing 25KHz/12.5KHz
 Sending power 12.5W/2.5W
 Receiving sensitivity -107dbm
 Modulation system GMSK/FM
 VHF antenna linker BNC
 Output impendance 50Ω
 Co-channel suppression -10db—0db
 Splatter selectivity  70db
 Stray response suppresion 70db

Input GPS module parameters Type  12 ways GPS receiver
 Updating speed  1s
 Location precision <10m
 GPS antenna linker TNC
Power Input tension 24VDC (+30%~-10%0)
 Power consume 12W (receiving) 40W (sending)
Environment parameters Ambient temperature 15℃~+55℃
 Storage temperature -30℃~+70℃
 Vibration IEC60945
 Moist heat IEC60945
 EMC IEC60945
Port characters Communication port RS 422 (8)
 Baud rate 4.8K,9.6K,19.2K,38.4KBaud
Phyical characters Weight <3.5kg
 Size 280(mm)*160(mm)*125(mm)

MKD parameters Language Chinese/English
 Type of crystal FSTN
 Size of crystal 5.7 inch
 Resolution of crystal 320*240
 Data port IEC 61162-2, NMEA 0183
 Weight <0.5kg
 Size 270(mm)*80(mm)*205(mm)